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          San Francisco Days: Golden Gate Park History

          Golden Gate Park History

          For a summary of park features with point-by-point locations, see the Golden Gate Park guide map. See also Postcards.

          For much more information on Golden Gate Park, see Christopher Pollock's impeccably researched and beautifully written book, .

          All photos on this page are courtesy of the San Francisco Public Library.

          • Newly planted trees dotting the park landscape in 1880

          • Aerial view of Golden Gate Park in 1938

          • Entrance to Golden Gate Park at Page Street and Stanyan

          • The Alvord Bridge in 1890

          • Alvord Lake in 1904

          • The original Kezar Stadium, larger than the current stadium

          • The Children's Playground in 1890

          • View of Children's Playground, including Cable Car

          • Children's Playground in 1943

          • Farmer Brown's Barn, at the Children's Playground

          • Children's Playground, Farm Yard, and Kezar Stadium in the background

          • Rabbitville, in the Farm Yard

          • Merry-go-round at the Children's Playground in 1951

          • Front of the Sharon Building after the 1906 earthquake

          • Back of the Sharon Building in 1906

          • The Horseshoe Courts in 1955

          • The Conservatory of Flowers in 1904

          • View of the park including Conservatory of Flowers, in 1909

          • Rhododendrons in 1932

          • Players at the Lawn Bowling Green in 1938

          • Music stage dedicated in 1888, located at the current site of the Tennis Clubhouse

          • The Music Concourse area and Francis Scott Key Memorial in 1890

          • Above the Midwinter Fair in 1894

          • The Midwinter Fair development, 1894

          • The Music Stand under construction in 1899

          • The completed Music Stand

          • The Music Concourse area in 1931

          • The Music Concourse in 1944

          • Cars in front of the DeYoung Museum in 1929

          • The DeYoung Museum in 1931

          • The DeYoung Museum

          • Pool of Enchantment in front of the DeYoung Museum in 1925

          • Seals in front of the Steinhart Aquarium in 1948

          • Construction of the Morrison Planetarium in 1950

          • Inside the Morrison Planetarium in 1955

          • Sphinxes in the Music Concourse area, installed in 1928

          • Peace Lantern in the Japanese Tea Garden, 1953

          • Big Rec Ball Field in 1940

          • Powell Street Railway Station at Fulton and 7th Avenue park entrance

          • The Shakespeare Garden in 1934

          • Bust inside the wall of the Shakespeare Garden, 1955

          • Shakespeare Bust, now locked behind steel doors

          • On the shore of Stow Lake in 1955

          • Launching a boat at Stow Lake in 1943

          • Boat in Stow Lake, 1958

          • Huntington Falls and Strawberry Hill in 1897

          • Sweeney Observatory at the top of Strawberry Hill, 1894

          • Strawberry Hill the top of Sweeney Observatory

          • Ruins of Sweeney Observatory after the 1906 earthquake

          • Inside damaged Sweeney Observatory in 1906

          • Sweeney Observatory and earthquake damage

          • Pioneer Log Cabin in 1951

          • Prayerbook Cross and hill in 1894

          • Construction of bridge at Crossover Drive in 1937

          • Mallard Lake surface frozen in 1949

          • The Polo Field in 1920

          • View of the Polo Field

          • Deer in Golden Gate Park in 1953

          • The North Lake, in the Chain of Lakes, 1941

          • Middle Lake in the Chain of Lakes

          • The sailing ship Gjoa on display in 1928

          • The Gjoa near the Dutch Windmill in 1939

          • Dutch Windmill with all spars missing, 1953

          • The Murphy Windmill

          • Murphy Windmill and Millwright's Cottage

          • Side view of Murphy Windmill