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          Guide: Parks of San Francisco

          Guide: Parks of San Francisco

          Alamo Square Park


          • Entrance to Alamo Square Park on Steiner Street at Grove Street

          • The northeast corner of Alamo Square Park

          • Painted Ladies from Alamo Square Park

          Allyne Park


          • Allyne Park

          • Path inside Allyne Park

          • Inside Allyne Park

          Alta Plaza Park


          • Alta Plaza Park at Steiner and Clay Street, just west of Fillmore Street

          • Alta Plaza Park

          • Bulletin Board in Alta Plaza Park

          Aquatic Park (San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park)


          • San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park (Aquatic Park)

          • The northeast corner of Maritime Park at Hyde and Jefferson Streets

          • Promenade at the beach at Aquatic Park

          Balboa Park


          • Balboa Park entrance

          • Lawn at Balboa Park

          • Balboa Park playground

          Bernal Heights Park


          • Path on Bernal Hill

          • Bernal Heights Boulevard at the edge of Bernal Hill

          • City view from top of Bernal Heights Park

          Billy Goat Hill Park


          • Billy Goat Hill Park in Diamond Heights, off of Beacon Street

          • City view from Billy Goat Hill Park in Diamond Heights

          • Hillside at Billy Goat Hill Park

          Buena Vista Park


          • Inside Buena Vista Park

          • Paths inside Buena Vista Park

          • City view, looking south from top of Buena Vista Park

          Civic Center Plaza


          • Playground in Civic Center Plaza

          • Farmer's Market at Civic Center Plaza (Wed, Sun)

          • Sculpture in Civic Center Plaza

          Corona Heights Park


          • Path up Corona Heights Park and view to the southwest

          • Rocks at the top of Corona Heights Park

          • Wildflowers on Corona Heights

          Crocker Amazon Playground


          • View from the parking lot at Crocker Amazon Park

          • Inside Crocker Amazon Park

          • Crocker Amazon Playground

          Crissy Field


          • Crissy Field in the Marina

          • Path at Crissy Field

          • Crissy Field, east of the Golden Gate Bridge

          Dolores Park


          • Dolores Park on the weekend

          • Looking down over Dolores Park in late fall

          • City view from the top of Dolores Park, at Church and 20th Streets

          Duboce Park


          • Walking path at the east side of Duboce Park

          • Looking east across Duboce Park

          • Playground on the west side of Duboce Park

          Fort Funston


          • Corridor at Fort Funston

          • Shoreline from Fort Funston

          • Many dogs at Fort Funston

          Fort Mason


          • Lawn at Fort Mason

          • Path at top edge of Fort Mason

          • View over the Community Garden at Fort Mason

          Franklin Square


          • Franklin Square Park, at 17th Street and Bryant Street

          Glen Canyon Park


          • Playground at the entrance to Glen Canyon Park

          • Rocks in Glen Canyon Park

          • Glen Canyon Park

          Golden Gate Heights Park


          • Trees on Golden Gate Heights Park, south of Grand View Park (at Pacheco and 12th Avenue)

          • Path leading around the top of Golden Gate Heights Park

          • Lawn at the edge of 12th Avenue, at Golden Gate Heights Park (also known as Sunset Heights Playground)

          Golden Gate Park


          • Conservatory of Flowers from the front

          • The Rustic Bridge at Stow Lake

          • Lindley Meadow, between JFK Drive and Polo Field

          Grand View Park


          • Tiled steps leading up to Grand View Park

          • Shadows on the hill at Grand View Park

          • The top rocky perch at Grand View Park

          Harding Park/Lake Merced


          • Inside Harding Park, off of Skyline Boulevard, on the shore of Lake Merced

          • Shore of Lake Merced, inside Harding Park

          • Walkway at Lake edge in Harding Park

          Holly Park


          • Holly Park entrance, at Holly Park Circle near Park Street

          • Walking path at Holly Park

          • At Holly Park, facing west

          Huntington Park


          • The Pacific-Union Club, at Huntington Park, built by James Flood in 1886

          • Gate at the Pacific-Union Club

          • Fountain in Huntington Park, between the Pacific-Union Club and Grace Cathedral

          Ina Coolbrith Park


          • Stairway in Ina Coolbrith Park

          • City view from Ina Coolbrith Park

          • Walking path in Ina Coolbrith Park

          Jackson Playground


          • Jackson Playground, at 17th and Wisconsin Streets

          Justin Herman Plaza


          • Justin Herman Park at Davis Street

          • Justin Herman Park

          • Ferry Building Tower from Justin Herman Park

          Kite Hill


          • Bench on Kite Hill Park

          • Fence on Kite Hill Park

          • City view from Kite Hill Park

          Koshland Park


          • Daniel E Koshland Community Park, on Buchanan Street at Page Street

          • Community Garden at Koshland Park

          • Tiles on the exterior wall at Koshland Park

          Lafayette Park


          • Lafayette Park at Gough and Sacramento in Pacific Heights

          • North view toward the bay, from Lafayette Park

          • Inside Lafayette Park

          Marina Green


          • Marina Green, at Marina Boulevard

          • Marina Yacht Harbor, west toward Golden Gate Bridge

          • Wave Organ, at the east end of the Golden Gate Yacht Club peninsula

          McLaren Park


          • Picnic tables in McLaren Park

          • Walking path in McLaren Park

          • Pond in McLaren Park

          McKinley Square Park


          • Playground in McKinley Square Park

          • West view from McKinley Square Park

          • The crooked section of Vermont Street, between 20th and 22nd Street, adjacent to McKinley Square Park

          Moscone Recreation Center


          • George Moscone Recreation Center - bordered by Webster, Laguna, Bay, and Chestnut Streets

          • Field in the Moscone Recreation Center

          • Path in the Moscone Recreation Center

          Mount Davidson Park


          • Steps leading up to Mt. Davidson at Juanita Way

          • Inside Mt. Davidson Park

          • Trails in Mt. Davidson Park

          Mountain Lake Park


          • Mountain Lake Park, at the south edge of the Presidio

          • Playground at Mountain Lake Park

          • Lawn in Mountain Lake Park

          Ocean View Playground


          • Ocean View Playground

          • Tennis Courts at Ocean View Playground

          • Field at Ocean View Playground

          Palace of Fine Arts


          • Walking Path at Palace of Fine Arts

          • Grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts

          • Lake at the Palace of Fine Arts

          Pine Lake Park/Stern Grove


          • Lawn in Stern Grove

          • Pine Lake Park, on the west side of Stern Grove

          • In the Pine Lake Park side of Stern Grove

          Portsmouth Square


          • Portsmouth Square, off Kearny between Clay and Washington

          • Portsmouth Square Park, from Washington Street near Kearny Street

          • Entrance to Portsmouth Square at Washington Street

          Potrero del Sol Park


          • Entrance to Potrero del Sol Park, at Utah Street, just south of 25th Street

          • Potrero del Sol Park

          • Skating area in Potrero del Sol Park

          Potrero Hill Recreation Center


          • The edge of the Potrero Hill Recreation Center, on 22nd Street at Connecticut Street

          • Looking east toward the bay from the Potrero Hill Recreation Center

          • Bench at the Potrero Hill Recreation Center

          Precita Park


          • Precita Park entrance on Folsom Street

          • Precita Park, from Folsom Street



          • East side of the Presidio, facing the Palace of Fine Arts

          • Inspiration Point, where Arguello Boulevard intersects with Washington Boulevard in the Presidio

          • View from Battery Godfrey, toward Golden Gate Bridge

          Rolph Playground


          • Rolph Playground at Potrero Avenue just south of 25th Street

          • Field in Rolph Playground

          • Walkway in Rolph Playground

          Russian Hill Park


          • View across Bay Street from Russian Hill Park

          • Reservoir at Russian Hill Park at Hyde and Francisco Streets

          • Steps leading down from Larkin Street at Russian Hill Park

          South Park


          • South Park, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Bryant and Brannan Streets

          • South Park

          • Inside South Park

          St. Mary's Square


          • St. Mary's Square, off Grant Street between Pine and California

          Sterling Park


          • Entrance to Sterling Park at Lombard Street and Larkin Street in Russian Hill

          • Inside Sterling Park, looking west

          • Tennis Courts in Sterling Park

          Stern Grove


          • Entrance to Sigmund Stern Grove, at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard

          • Outdoor Theater in Stern Grove

          • Walking path in Stern Grove

          Sutro Heights Park


          • Sutro Heights Park

          • Looking south from the steps leading up to the parapet in Sutro Heights Park

          • View south, from the top of the parapet and former site of the Sutro house

          Tank Hill


          • Steps at Twin Peaks Boulevard, leading up to Tank Hill

          • Top of Tank Hill, facing south

          • View to the north from Tank Hill

          Twin Peaks


          • Parking lot at Twin Peaks

          • Walkway and railing at Twin Peaks

          • Viewing telescope at Twin Peaks

          Walter Haas Park


          • Walter Haas Park and Playground, entrance and sign

          • Walter Haas Park and Playground, off of Diamond Heights Boulevard

          • View of Walter Haas Park in Diamond Heights

          Walton Square Park


          • Entrance to Sydney G. Walton Square Park in Jackson Square

          • Fountain in Walton Square Park

          • Inside Walton Square Park

          Washington Square


          • Washington Square Park, on Union Street near Columbus in North Beach

          • Saints Peter and Paul Church, facing Washington Square

          • Time Capsule inscription at the base of the statue of Benjamin Franklin in Washington Square Park